Millennium Schedule brings rollcall and period-by-period attendance online. Whether marking in the classroom, via finger/barcode scanner or on paper, managing attendance is simple and fast. Millennium Schedule also includes multiple roll and period searches and summaries, as well as some key reports such as gender-atsi, grade-summary and 3-day absence reports.

But Millennium Schedule is more than just student attendance. Staff attendance can also be managed with substitutions a key area of staff adiminstration.

Millennium also has a number of Timetable management features to make viewing and searching timetables easier. 

  • Online & Paper Class / Daily Rolls
  • Biometric & Barcode Scanners
  • Attendance Searches / Reports
  • Variation and Leave Management
  • Homework / Uniform Monitoring
  • Behaviour / SPC Monitoring
  • Student & Staff Timetables